12 cc Spore Syringe


Grow Your Own Mushrooms with FunGuy's Spore Syringe

Looking for an easy and sustainable way to grow mushrooms? FunGuy Grow Supply offers high-quality mushroom growing supplies, including our popular spore syringe. Create your own mushroom culture with our sterilized 12 cc syringe, ideal for standard mycology procedures and commonly used by spore vendors. Needles sold separately on our website.


    • 12cc syringe with luer lock tip
    • Sterilized and individually packaged
    • Beginner-friendly liquid culture syringes available
    • Autoclavable and compatible with various sizes of needles

About Liquid Culture

Our beginner-friendly liquid culture syringes are 10ml in size and come with a sterile 18 gauge needle and alcohol wipe. They contain mycelium suspended in a nutrient-rich medium, making them ideal for inoculating spawn bags and bulk jars.

Using Liquid Culture

Refrigerate the liquid culture syringe upon receipt, insert the syringe into a self healing injection port, use the desired amount of ml and use sterile technique when handling. Shake the syringe thoroughly before use and inoculate in either a still air box or flow hood to reduce contamination. Sterilize needles and syringe before and after subsequent use.

Needles can be purchased separately HERE.
Syringe Filters for Liquid Culture Lids can be accesed HERE.

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