Syringes & Needles

  • Syringe Filter PTFE 13mm 0.22um

    Syringe Filter PTFE 13mm 0.22um

    Syringe Filter / Mushroom Spawn Jar Gas Exchange Filter Gas Exchange Filters (13 mm diameter, 0.22-micron filter). Perfect for grain spawn or liquid culture jars! Easy to use, reusable, and ideally suited for the home mycologist. 0.22-micron pore size...
  • 18 Gauge 1.5" Needle - Luer Lock - Sterile

    18 Gauge 1.5" Needle - Luer Lock - Sterile

    Premium 18 Gauge Mushroom Syringe Needle Grow your own culinary or medicinal mushrooms sustainably with our premium syringe needle. Our 18 gauge, 1.5" needle with a luer lock fitting is compatible with mushroom liquid culture, mushroom seeds, trusted...
  • 12 cc Spore Syringe

    12 cc Spore Syringe

    Grow Your Own Mushrooms with FunGuy's Spore Syringe Looking for an easy and sustainable way to grow mushrooms? FunGuy Grow Supply offers high-quality mushroom growing supplies, including our popular spore syringe. Create your own mushroom culture with...

Sterile Syringes for Spore Syringes and Liquid Culture

If you're a nature enthusiast in search of sustainable products to cultivate your own mushrooms, then look no further than FunGuy Grow Supply. We offer a wide selection of high-quality mushroom cultivation supplies, including sterile syringes and needles of varying sizes that are ideal for creating spore syringes and liquid culture.

Sterile Syringes and Needles

At FunGuy Grow Supply, we offer sterile syringes in sizes ranging from 10cc to 60cc, along with sterile needles in sizes 14, 16, and 18 gauge. All our syringes and needles are individually packaged, making them easy to use and store.

How to Make A Spore Syringe and Liquid Culture

Spore syringes and liquid cultures are essential components for growing culinary or medicinal mushrooms. Our mushroom spore syringes are available in various sizes, containing mushroom spores suspended in sterile water. Our liquid culture syringes, on the other hand, contain mycelium suspended in a nutrient-rich medium.

Using Spore Syringes, Spore Prints and Liquid Culture

Creating your own mushroom spore syringe or liquid culture syringe are simple with FunGuy Grow Supply. Simply insert the needle into a sterile solution containing spore print spore or liquid culture, and draw the solution into the syringe. When ready to inoculate your mushroom substrate, simply inject the spores from the mushroom spore print or mycelium using a sterile technique. For best results, we recommend refrigerating the syringe upon receipt and handling it with care.

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At FunGuy Grow Supply, we care about the future of the planet and strive to make better, greener choices in our lifestyle. We understand that quality and sustainability are essential to our customers, and we're proud to offer products that are ethically sourced and have a positive impact on the environment. Shop with us for all your mushroom cultivation needs, including mushroom growing supplies, mushroom grow bags, mushroom grow kits, spawn bags, Bulk Substrate, All In One Mushroom Grow Bag, and more.


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