Liquid Culture Jar Lids

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Injectable Liquid Culture Lid for Regular Mouth Canning Jars

Looking for a high-quality LC lid that fits all regular mouth (70 mm) canning jars? Our LC lid is equipped with super heavy-duty injection ports and a 0.22 µm syringe filter (13 mm diameter) that provides excellent contaminant-free gas exchange (GE) for your liquid culture to grow and maintain optimal health. The lid and all components are 100% autoclavable and pressure cooker safe.

High-Quality Components:

The heavy duty injection ports are of the highest quality and are able to withstand hundreds of repeated injections and sterilizations before needing to be replaced. The syringe filter is made of a hydrophobic PTFE membrane with a polypropylene housing and is 100% reusable. The lid itself is made of a thick autoclavable PP5 polypropylene plastic. This lid will form an airtight and watertight seal when screwed securely on the jar.

Reusable and Easy to Replace:

These modified lids are made to be reused multiple times, and all components equipped to the lid can be easily replaced. The injection ports are RTV sealed on both sides, making them leak-proof. Plastic mycology lids are great for mushroom cultivation as they don't rust and will hold up in the pressure cooker.

Quick Specs:

    • Colors as shown
    • Leak-Proof PP5 Plastic
    • 0.22 μm Syringe Filter
    • 70mm Regular Mouth Lids
    • Self-healing Injection Port (SHIP)

Grow Fresh Mushrooms with Ease:

With our LC lid, you can grow fresh mushrooms at home with ease. For a complete mushroom growing experience, check out our all-in-one mushroom grow bag. Simply click now to get started!