Synthetic Filter Discs

  • Synthetic Filter Discs

    Synthetic Filter Discs

    Synthetic Filter Discs for Sustainable Mushroom Cultivation Attention, nature enthusiasts! Make your mushroom cultivation journey sustainable and eco-conscious with Synthetic Filter Discs from FunGuy Grow Supply. Perfect for those who are passionate...
    $1.00 - $113.95
  • Syringe Filter PTFE 13mm 0.22um

    Syringe Filter PTFE 13mm 0.22um

    Syringe Filter / Mushroom Spawn Jar Gas Exchange Filter Gas Exchange Filters (13 mm diameter, 0.22-micron filter). Perfect for grain spawn or liquid culture jars! Easy to use, reusable, and ideally suited for the home mycologist. 0.22-micron pore size...

Synthetic Filter Discs

Synthetic filter discs are not just filter paper; they're reusable, withstand high temperatures, and effectively prevent contaminants from entering your culture while allowing it to breathe. As a mason jar filter lid, these synthetic filters provide 0.3 micron filtration efficiency, making them highly effective in safeguarding your mycelium, and cultures. They're made from 70% recycled material and have hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. You can reuse these adhesive filter discs by washing them with a damp towel. Their high-temperature resistance makes them fully autoclavable. The jar filter is easy to apply: simply punch one or two 1/4' holes in your metal lid before adhering to the disc. With a synthetic filter disc as your filter lid, you can efficiently maintain the integrity of your mushroom cultures while promoting their growth.

The Manufacturing Process of Synthetic Filter Discs

It's a fascinating process, where polyethylene particles are sorted by size, then subjected to controlled heat and pressure in large molds. You'd be amazed at the precision involved in the manufacturing process of Synthetic Filter Discs. These filter discs are made start as simple polyethylene particles, but through rigorous sieving and sintering processes, they transform into robust monotub filter discs. The resulting synthetic filters are strong enough to withstand intense sterilization procedures while still maintaining an impressive 99.97% air filtration efficiency down to .3 microns! Whether fitted onto wide mouth mason jar filters or used for larger-scale applications, these discs provide a reliable barrier against contaminants without compromising air exchange for your cultures. It truly takes science and careful engineering to produce such effective filters.

Benefits of Synthetic Filter Discs with Self Healing Injection Port

You'll find that using these highly durable covers offers superior protection from contaminants and bacteria while allowing constant air exchange for your grain spawn. Synthetic Filter Discs, commonly used in synthetic mushroom cultivation, are a game-changer in the process. These cultivation discs provide numerous benefits to ensure the success of your mushroom grow. They offer 0.3-micron filtration efficiency, ensuring no unwanted particles infiltrate your culture. The hydrophobic and oleophobic properties mean they won't absorb water or oils, maintaining an ideal environment inside the regular mouth canning jar. You can clean them with a damp towel and reuse them, adding to their practicality. Additionally, Synthetic Filter Discs withstand high temperatures, have a self healing injection port, and are made from recycled material, making them an environmentally friendly choice for your mushroom filter needs.

Tips for Choosing and Using Synthetic Filter Discs

When picking and utilizing these specific covers, there're a few key factors to keep in mind. Make sure your filter disk is of high quality, use Microprose filter lids that can prevent spores and other contaminants from infiltrating your synthetic mushrooms while still allowing for necessary gas exchange. When disc filtering, ensure the holes punched into your metal lid discs are sufficient – usually one to two 1/4' holes will do. Consider monotub adhesive filter disks for projects involving wedge and grain transfers as they're reusable and washable with just a damp towel. For optimum results in your filtering jar, opt for mushroom filters made from recycled material that can withstand high temperatures, providing you with a sustainable and durable solution for your growing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 50mm x 1.59mm Synthetic Filter Discs are designed for those who drill their own holes in their lids.
  • 70mm x 1.59mm Synthetic Filter Discs are designed for Regular Narrow Mouth Canning Jar Lids.
  • 90mm x 1.59mm Synthetic Filter Discs are designed for Wide Mouth Canning Jar Lids.

To use this filter, simply fit it snugly under the jar lid, or place it on top of the jar lid and secure it with the jar band. Synthetic filter discs fit precisely inside the canning ring.

Installing the injection ports is effortless. Simply drill a hole in your plastic canning jar lid or synthetic filter disc and glue the self healing injection ports using either a silicone or high-temperature-based adhesive. It's that simple!

Make sure a hole is in the liquid culture lid for optimal gas exchange and simply fit it snugly under the jar lid, or place it on top of the jar lid and secure it with the jar band.