18 Gauge 1.5" Needle - Luer Lock - Sterile


Premium 18 Gauge Mushroom Syringe Needle

Grow your own culinary or medicinal mushrooms sustainably with our premium syringe needle. Our 18 gauge, 1.5" needle with a luer lock fitting is compatible with mushroom liquid culture, mushroom seeds, trusted suppliers like Spore Works, Spore Depot, Premium Spores, and Sporeworks and even exotic species such as b+ and b+ mushrooms. Use this syringe needle to inject spores directly into your mushroom substrate for best results.

Product Details:

    • Needle Gauge: 18
    • Needle Length: 1.5 inches
    • Fitting: Luer Lock
    • Sterilization: Autoclavable
    • Packaging: Individually packaged
    • Use: Spore injection for mushroom cultivation
    • Pair with our sterile syringes and injection port for best results.

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