Mushroom Grow Kits

  • All In One Rye Grain Grow Bag All In One Rye Grain Grow Bag

    All In One Rye Grain Grow Bag

    All In One Rye Grain Grow Bag The Ultimate Mushroom Growing Solution Get the ultimate solution for your mushroom growing adventure with FunGuy Grow Supply's All In One Rye Grain Grow Bag. Our eco-friendly and organic mushroom grow bags provide the...
    $35.00 - $375.00
  • All In One Coir Grow Bag All In One Coir Grow Bag

    All In One Coir Grow Bag

    All In One Coir Grow Bag The Perfect Mushroom Growing Solution Nature and outdoor enthusiasts seeking sustainable eco-friendly products will find everything they need in the All In One Coir Mushroom Grow Bag from FunGuy Grow Supply. This kit includes 2.5...
    $35.00 - $375.00

Mushroom Growing Kits

FunGuy Grow Supply is your one-stop fungi shop for sustainable and organic mushroom cultivation. Our range of mushroom grow kits and all in one mushroom grow bags make it easy for you to instantly start growing your own delicious and nutritious mushrooms right at home. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced grower, we have everything you need to get started and succeed in your mushroom growing journey.

Our Simple Mushroom Grow Kit is perfect for those just starting out, while our larger grow enclosures come equipped with dedicated humidifiers and temperature regulators to ensure maximum yield and multiple flushes. All our mushroom kits include spawn bags, substrate jars, incubators, and a step-by-step mushroom grow guide for a smooth growing experience.

The All In One Mushroom Grow Bag from FunGuy Grow Supply takes convenience to the next level. With a controlled environment for mycelium growth, this pre sterilized mushroom grow bag eliminates the need for a separate growing medium, ensuring a successful harvest. Simply choose the right grain spawn bag for your desired mushroom type, inoculate with mushroom spores, spore syringe, agar or liquid culture (LC), and wait for the mycelium to grow and colonize the mushroom substrate. To induce fruiting, increase the temperature, light, and humidity levels and enjoy your delicious and nutritious harvest.

Join the sustainable and organic mushroom growing movement with FunGuy Grow Supply. Start growing today and enjoy the benefits of fresh, nutrient rich, home grown mushrooms.