Air Filtration

  • Syringe Filter PTFE 13mm 0.22um

    Syringe Filter PTFE 13mm 0.22um

    Syringe Filter / Mushroom Spawn Jar Gas Exchange Filter Gas Exchange Filters (13 mm diameter, 0.22-micron filter). Perfect for grain spawn or liquid culture jars! Easy to use, reusable, and ideally suited for the home mycologist. 0.22-micron pore size...

FunGuy Grow Supply: Air Ventilation Products for Healthy Mushroom Growing

Creating a Healthy and Clean Growing Environment

At FunGuy Grow Supply, we believe that the key to successful mushroom growing lies in maintaining a healthy and clean growing environment. That's why we are thrilled to announce our upcoming launch of a wide range of air ventilation products, carefully selected to keep your mushroom farm or mushroom tent fresh and thriving.

A Wide Selection of Air Ventilation Products

Our selection of air ventilation products will include inline fans, exhaust fans, carbon filters for grow tents, HEPA filters, clamps, and ducting to ensure proper gas exchange and filtered air exchange for your mushroom tent or mushroom farm. We will also offer humidifiers and dehumidifiers, as well thermometers and hygrometers to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels in your grow cabinet, Martha tent, or mushroom tent.

For those looking to take their mycology game to the next level, we will also offer a signature flow hood and still air box for a more sterile growing environment. The laminar flow hood provides a consistent flow of purified air to prevent contamination and ensure the highest quality of growth.

Committed to Ethical and Sustainable Products

At FunGuy Grow Supply, we are dedicated to providing high-quality products that are sourced ethically and promote a positive impact on the environment. Our air ventilation products align with these values and are designed to provide the best options for your mushroom growing needs.

Invest in the Best for Your Mushroom Growing Needs

Whether you are growing culinary or medicinal mushrooms, our selection of air ventilation products will help you create a healthy and thriving growing environment. So, invest in the best for your mushroom grow tent or grow tent and stay tuned for the upcoming launch of our mycology supplies and mushroom growing equipment.

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