Cultivation Tools & Supplies

  • Self Healing Injection Ports

    Self Healing Injection Ports

    Self Healing Injection Ports for Mushroom Growing Self Healing Injection Ports which are 3/4″ across the top, 5/16″ top to bottom. As a nature enthusiast and mushroom grower, you understand the importance of sustainability and eco-conscious...

Mushroom Supplies and Cultivation Tools

Mycology Lab Equipment for Serious Mushroom Cultivators

Welcome to FunGuy Grow Supply, your one-stop-shop for high-quality mycology lab equipment, dehydrators, sterilizers, autoclaves, and pressure cookers for growing healthy and delicious mushrooms. Our equipment is perfect for both beginner and experienced growers, providing everything you could need to cultivate the best mushrooms possible.

Dry Mushrooms and More with FunGuy's Dehydrators

Dry and preserve your mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, and other foods with FunGuy's high-quality dehydrators. Our adjustable temperature controls and ample drying space make dehydrating easy and hassle-free.

Sterilizers and Autoclaves for Safe and Effective Mushroom Cultivation

Efficient Sterilization with Pressure Cookers

Achieving sterilization is crucial in mushroom cultivation, and our autoclaves and pressure cookers provide an affordable and efficient solution. Ideal for both novice and seasoned growers, these cookers are user-friendly and easy to maintain. Sterilize your mushroom-growing materials with ease and confidence with our high-quality autoclaves and pressure cookers.

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At FunGuy Grow Supply, we're committed to providing the highest-quality mushroom cultivation equipment available. Shop now to find the perfect equipment for your needs and start growing delicious mushrooms today!

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