Self Healing Injection Ports

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Self Healing Injection Ports for Mushroom Growing

Self Healing Injection Ports which are 3/4″ across the top, 5/16″ top to bottom.

As a nature enthusiast and mushroom grower, you understand the importance of sustainability and eco-conscious products. That's why FunGuy Grow Supply is proud to offer our self healing injection ports, a solution that not only helps you grow delicious and medicinal mushrooms but also supports an environmentally responsible lifestyle.

Reliable and Easy-to-Use Injection Ports

Our self healing injection ports measure 3/4 inches across the top and 5/16 inches from top to bottom, making them a widely used option in the market. They are designed to maintain their shape even after multiple uses, ensuring reliability for your mushroom growing needs.

Installing the ports is effortless. Simply drill a hole in your plastic canning jar lid or synthetic filter disc and glue the injection port using either a silicone or high-temperature-based adhesive. It's that simple!

Durable and Multi-Purpose

It is essential to use a high-temperature glue that can withstand both heat and pressure if you plan to steam sterilize or pressure cook your containers. If you're using the ports just for spawn masters, then a standard silicone glue will suffice.

Our self healing injection ports are not recommended for oven use, but they can withstand the wet heat from a pressure cooker or autoclave. As a bonus, they can also serve as a plug to prevent losing a syringe needle, saving you time and effort.

Order Now and Grow Delicious Mushrooms!

Join our community of nature enthusiasts who value quality over quantity and make the choice to support ethically sourced products. Order self healing injection ports now and start growing your own delicious and medicinal mushrooms!