Gypsum Horticultural Grade


Get ready to explore the world of sustainable and ethical mushroom cultivation with FunGuy Grow Supply. We are proud to offer you our Horticultural Grade Powdered Gypsum, the ideal substrate additive for the nature enthusiast in you. Designed for those who value quality and sustainability, our gypsum powder is the perfect solution for growing bigger, stronger, and healthier fungi.

Our gypsum is made from mined gypsum and has a chemical formula of Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate (CaS04). As a buffer, it helps to maintain the proper pH levels of your mushroom substrate bags and prevents clumping in liquid culture or agar petri dish solutions. It also acts as yield enhancer by supplying your mycelium with necessary minerals and trace elements, ensuring that your mushrooms grow to their full potential.

With 100% solubility in water, our Horticultural Grade Gypsum Powder is incredibly easy to use and highly efficient. Simply add it to your monotub, substrates, casing or grain spawn mix, and you'll be impressed with the results. Whether you're growing culinary or medicinal mushrooms, FunGuy's Horticultural Grade Gypsum Powder is the perfect choice for the next level of mushroom growing.

So why wait? Start your journey towards a greener and more sustainable future with FunGuy's Horticultural Grade Gypsum Powder today. Each bag contains 2lbs of 22.5% calcium and 18% sulfur. Unleash your inner FunGuy and order now!

With Horticultural Grade Gypsum from FunGuy Grow Supply, you can expect:

• 2 lbs of 22.5% calcium & 18% sulfur in each bag
• High-quality, sustainable substrate additive for mushroom cultivation
• Proper substrate pH levels for preventing clumping and promoting growth
• Essential minerals & trace elements for healthier fungi
• 100% water solubility for easy and efficient use

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