Hygrolid Mushroom Storage System


The Hygrolid Mushroom Storage System

If you're a nature enthusiast who values sustainability and looking into mushroom cultivation, you may be interested in learning how to store mushrooms and how to keep mushrooms fresh. The best way to store mushrooms is with the Hygrolid Mushroom Storage System - a unique and innovative solution that protects your dried mushrooms against mold, prevents over- or under-drying, and ensures top flavor and potency for a year or longer.

Key Features

    • Protects against mold
    • Prevents over/under drying
    • Monitors the crucial final stages of drying
    • Measures Relative Humidity (RH) in wide-mouth canning jars
    • Built with stainless steel, assembled with food grade materials

Complete with Everything You Need

Our Hygrolid system comes complete with 1 Hygrolid and 2 silica drying packs, so you'll have everything you need to store and protect up to 16 dried ounces in a quart wide-mouth jar. That's not all - you can also use the Hygrolid system to store spore prints, herbs, spices, tea, tobacco, cigars, and much more.

Enjoy Your Dried Mushrooms for Months to Come

Typically, the shelf life of dried mushrooms is 3-6 months. With the Hygrolid system and its dried mushroom storage feature you can enjoy storing mushrooms for a year or longer, and have condfidence that they're stored safely and at their best. Don't settle for less - invest in the Hygrolid Mushroom Storage System and make the most of your dried mushrooms.