Vermiculite Coarse


If you're looking to take your mushroom cultivation to the next level while also being environmentally conscious, FunGuy Grow Supply's horticultural vermiculite is the perfect solution. Our vermiculite is not only sustainable and enviromentally safe, but it also provides faster growth and anchorage for your young mycelium mushroom. Buy organic vermiculite for plants online. Available in bulk vermiculite sizes, including 4 cu ft vermiculite. So why settle for less when you can use FunGuy Grow Supply's vermiculite for a positive impact on the environment and your fungi?

What is Vermiculite? Vermiculite is a unique ingredient that promotes faster growth rates and stronger anchorage for your young mushroom mycelium complementing any monotub and max yield bins with optimal humidity levels and moisture retention. It holds onto essential nutrients, such as ammonium, potassium, calcium and magnesium and releases them to the growing mushrooms substrate as needed. When mixed with other organic materials, like peat, composted bark or natural soil, vermiculite helps to retain air, moisture and nutrients, providing the perfect environment for your fungi to thrive.

Where to Buy Vermiculite? Look no further than FunGuy Grow Supply! Our vermiculite is coarse sized and easy to handle and mix with other components, making it a versatile addition to your mushroom growing kit. Whether you're using it with bulk coco coir soil, manure, peat, composted pine bark, gypsum, or other organic materials, vermiculite will help to improve aeration and retain essential moisture and nutrients. Buy vermiculite for sale online now!

Bulk Vermiculite for Sale - Vermiculite Soil - Vermiculite Organic - Horticulture Vermiculite

At FunGuy Grow Supply, we offer bulk vermiculite for sale in various sizes, including 4 cu ft vermiculite. Our vermiculite is organic and perfect for use in horticulture, mushroom farming, and gardening as it retains air, moisture and nutrients for the ideal environment for your fungi to thrive. Whether you need vermiculite soil or vermiculite for plants our horticultural grade vermiculite is the perfect addition to your spring gardening or All In One Mushroom Grow Kit that is guaranteed to have a positive impact on both your landscape and the enviorment. Shop now and experience the magic of sustainable mushroom cultivation with FunGuy Grow Supply!