Synthetic Filter Discs

$1.00 - $113.95

Synthetic Filter Discs for Sustainable Mushroom Cultivation

Attention, nature enthusiasts! Make your mushroom cultivation journey sustainable and eco-conscious with Synthetic Filter Discs from FunGuy Grow Supply. Perfect for those who are passionate about growing their own culinary or medicinal mushrooms, these innovative discs are designed to bring your growing game to the next level. Say goodbye to unwanted contaminants and hello to a constant exchange of fresh air with these filter discs.

High-Quality Construction

Our Synthetic Filter Discs are made from tightly woven polypropylene fabric and are 100% safe to use in pressure cookers, steam sterilizers, or autoclaves. With a filtration rate of 99.97%, these highly durable and reusable discs filter out anything larger than .3 microns.

Multiple Sizes Available

They come in three sizes and are all a TRUE 1/16 of an inch thick:

    • 70mm x 1.59mm for Regular Narrow Mouth Canning Jar Lids
    • 50mm x 1.59mm for those who drill their own holes in their lids.
    • 90mm x 1.59mm for Wide Mouth Canning Jar Lids

An Excellent Alternative to Jar Lids

Whether you are a commercial mushroom producer or a home mushroom cultivator, our filter discs are the perfect choice for you. They are an excellent alternative to jar lids, providing fresh, constant air exchange while preventing the entrance of unwanted contaminants. With their high-quality construction, these synthetic filter discs are a great addition to your mycology supplies.

Join the community of environmentally conscious cultivators and elevate your mushroom growing game with Synthetic Filter Discs from FunGuy Grow Supply.

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