Premium Wild Bird Seed Bulk - 5lb or 10lb Bag

$11.99 - $21.99

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Nature enthusiasts and mushroom cultivators, let us introduce you to the Premium Wild Bird Seed from FunGuy. As conscious consumers, you demand the highest quality products that are both sustainable and ethically sourced, and we've got you covered.

Our wild bird seed is specially crafted with a Golden Ratio mixture of grains, ensuring a consistent and direct source from farm to table with no harmful additives. This combination of specific small grains provides more surface area and inoculation points, speeding up colonization times by 30%.

We've taken our years of experience and created a proprietary recipe of grains, seeds, and supplements that result in quick colonization, robust mycelium, and massive yields. Our "Better Than Rye" Wild Bird Seed Grain is the perfect choice for those looking for an all in one solution to their mushroom cultivation needs.

Save years of experience by leveraging our UNIQUE and PROPRIETARY Recipe of Grains, Seeds, and Supplements that will produce:

• Quick Colonization
• Robust Mycelium
• Massive Yields

Join us in our mission to make greener choices for the future of our planet and upgrade your mushroom cultivation experience with FunGuy's Premium Wild Bird Seed.