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Sealing the Deal: How to Choose the Right Bag Sealer for Your Mushroom Cultivation Operation

Sealing the Deal: How to Choose the Right Bag Sealer for Your Mushroom Cultivation Operation

Posted by Troy Cosky, Founder FunGuy Grow Supply on 28th Feb 2023

If you're a mushroom grower or cultivator, you know the importance of proper packaging and sealing to prevent contamination and increase shelf life. Choosing the right mushroom packaging and sealing solutions requires careful consideration of factors like bag type, size, material, and frequency of sealing required. In this guide, we will provide a comprehensive overview of mushroom bags and sealing techniques readily available, and help you select the best solutions for your business.

Mushroom Grow Bags for commercial use

Types of Mushroom Bags

Mushroom bags come in different types, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Take into consideration your cultivating needs before selecting a bag type:

  • Poly Bags: Poly bags are the number one go to choice for mushroom growers and are the most widely used type of bag in the industry. They are made of polypropylene and come in various designs, such as the typical filter patch bag, which allows for optimal gas exchange via a micron filter, preventing any airborne contaminants from entering the bag.
  • Compostable Bags: Compostable bags are an eco-friendly go to option for mushroom growers. They are made of natural materials such as cornstarch and can be composted along with your mushroom substrate after use.
  • Spawn Bags: Spawn bags are specially designed for cultivating mushroom spawn. These bags are crafted from a permeable material that permits the mycelium to develop and propagate throughout the bag.

Outdoor Commercial Mushroom Grow Bags

Importance of Bag Sealers

Mushroom bag sealers are a crucial piece of equipment in the industry, helping to maintain the quality of mushrooms and mycelium while extending their shelf life and optimizing their yield. Heat sealers are the favored option for sealing mushroom bags due to their ease of use, speed, and efficiency. To guarantee top quality bag sealing, go for a heat sealer that can handle high-heat plastic bags and achieve high temperatures for a perfect seal every time.

Types of Bag Sealers

Selecting the proper plastic bag sealer is crucial for mushroom cultivation. Check out these popular choices:

  • Impulse Sealers: Impulse sealers are a budget friendly option for small mushroom farms. They use a heating element to seal bags quickly and efficiently. Keep in mind that they may not work as well with thicker bags or for larger operations.
  • Heat Sealers: Heat sealers are the go to choice for larger operations that need consistent sealing over time. Different sizes and configurations of heat sealers are available to accommodate various types and sizes of bags.
  • Poly Bag Sealers: A poly bag sealer uses heat to seal bags closed and work well for small to medium-sized operations with various bag types and sizes.

    Impulse Sealer on a desk

Choosing the Right Mushroom Packaging and Sealing Solutions

Considerations like bag type, size, and material, as well as the frequency of sealing needed, must be carefully taken into account when selecting the best packaging and sealing solutions. For those who need to access their spawn bags and mushrooms frequently, resealable bags are a great choice. For smaller operations, impulse sealers are a good option, whereas heat sealers are best for larger ones.

Top Mushroom Bags and Sealing Solutions

Our top picks for sealing machine products and mushroom bags are listed below:

  • Unicorn Bags: Heat resistant and highly durable, can withstand being up against the inside wall of a pressure cooker.
  • Heat Sealer Machine: It is simple to use, effective, and able to work with a range of bag types and material densities.
  • Impulse Heat Sealer: Affordable and reliable option for small-scale operations.
  • Compostable Bags: Great for environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Vacuum Sealer: Ideal for long-term storage of mushrooms as it removes all the air from the bag, preventing excess moisture in the bag causing bacteria to grow leading to spoilage.

When choosing mushroom bags and sealing solutions, it's important to consider the type of mushroom being cultivated, the expected yield, and the intended use of the harvested mushrooms. For example, if you are growing mushrooms for sale or for long-term storage, a vacuum sealer may be the best option to guarantee freshness and prevent any bacteria from forming. Additionally, sustainability should be a key consideration when choosing bags for mushroom cultivation. Opting for compostable bags is an environmentally conscious choice, as they decompose naturally and don't contribute to plastic waste pollution.

10T Unicorn Mushroom Bag

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right mushroom bag and sealer is essential for cultivating high-quality mushrooms and extending their shelf life. Consider factors such as bag type, size, and material, as well as the frequency of sealing needed, when selecting the best packaging and sealing solutions for your business. With the right combination of mushroom bags and sealers, you can optimize your yield and ensure a successful mushroom cultivation operation.

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